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International Services



Helvetic Credit Solutions offers an unusual breath of competency and has a long history of experience when it comes to international healthcare receivables. Medical debt collection is a specialist subject calling for confidentiality, sensitivity, and meticulous care. All of our account managers are trained to deal with the principals of medical confidentiality, data protection, estates and complex insurance protocols. We always adopt a professional and courteous approach, working in a manner which reflects well upon the client, while simultaneously protecting their interests.

Our team of experienced account managers has the expertise to facilitate settlements on all types of claims, including Self-Pay, Insurance and Government Guaranteed accounts. Through our partner offices, we can easily facilitate estate claims in every country of operation. Whether you’re having difficulties with contacting patients abroad, Estate matters, Third Party Administrators or Embassies, HCS has the experience to help.

HCS is HIPAA and FDCPA compliant and you can rest assured, knowing that we act within the legal and ethical boundaries of every country we operate in.

We take the confusion out of cross border receivables. Read More


Business to Consumer (B2C)

Helvetic Credit Solutions has an experienced team of account managers all trained in the most current consumer collection strategies, telephone techniques and skip tracing. We successfully serve Banks, Credit Card Companies and Educational Institutions.

Our international collection services are tailored to meet your individual requirements and needs. HCS is able to maximize revenue by working with you as a team in order to increase your cash flow & reduce the amount of days accounts spend in AR.

Through our partnership, HCS is able to place an account on an individual’s credit report in every country that maintains such a system. Read More


Business to Business (B2B)

In today’s world of global financial crisis cash flow is one of the most vital aspects of profitability for any business. From sole traders to multi-nationals, Helvetic Credit Solutions has the expertise and knowledge to collect on both disputed and undisputed accounts.

HCS strives to settle each claim amicably and out of court. Our dedicated teams of commercial account managers are all trained in commercial collection strategies, and contract law. In the rare event that litigation becomes necessary, HCS has the ability to file a cost effective suit in over 80 countries. Read More


Skip Tracing

One of the main reasons for not collecting on a cross border account is the inability to locate the customer. Helvetic Credit Solutions has state of the art tracing technologies that allow us to locate individuals and businesses worldwide. Through our partners we are able to access local databases in the native language which are essential in international tracing.

Skip tracing is included in our no-collect, no-fee pricing structure. Read More


Asset Checks

Asset checks are essential part of the collection process. Helvetic Credit Solutions, through our partners, can access local data bases and credit reports allowing us to determine the ability of an individual or company to pay.

In the rare event that a case requires litigation, an asset check will always be recommended before filing a suit. It is critical to know if the company / individual has the assets and liquidity to satisfy a judgment. Read More


Insurance Verification

Helvetic Credit Solutions offers our clients insurance verification while the patient is in-house. This service is imperative to ensure you receive the funds for that date of service. We will verify the policy’s validity, limits, exclusions and co-pays before the patient leaves the facility.Read More


Credit Reporting

Credit reporting is an extremely useful tool when it comes to international collections. At the client’s request, Helvetic Credit Solutions can place a delinquent account on an individual’s credit report in every country that has a system. Read More

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